EndoComplete is independent of any OEM and repairs flexible endoscopes and ultrasonic probes (TEE probes and Endo-Sono) of all brands. Endocomplete is ISO-certified (DIN EN ISO 13485) and complies with all applicable rules and regulations, i.e. the German Medizinproduktegesetz and the Medizinproduktebetreiberverordnung.

Permanent training of our staff of technicians warrants safety and quality at all stages of the repair process, as we analyse each process step and document our work continuously and according to highest standards.

To cope with the future and serve your needs EndoComplete provides a full Olympus 190 series system. Thus, we offer to repair latest generation Olympus 190 series scopes, as well as all old series scopes, and in the highest quality.



Repair and Maintenance of flexible endoscopes
• ISO-certified and in accordance with CE
• OEM-independent repair of devices
• Repair of endoscopes of all major manufacturers
• Average repair time from 2 days up to 14 days
   (at most according to damages found)
• International delivery
• Loaners via express shipment

Repair of Ultrasonic probes
• TEE probes and Endo-Sono
• in cooperation other ultrasonic probes
• Loaners on request


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